How did we get the idea?

Katha, Maxi and Paddy already know each other from their Franconian hometown of Fürth. Meanwhile, all three live in Berlin and work in different fields.

Katha has worked in the concert and touring industry on both the artist and promoter side. When she started her own business, she quickly became fed up with phone chains and Facebook posts that seemed to be the most common way to get new jobs. This often resulted in non-production periods, or multiple parallel job requests for the same weekend.

She explained the problem to Paddy & Maxi over two cold drinks. The two of them understood the circumstances directly, although they did not come from the industry. So they came up with the idea of creating a job board with a placement function and tackling this problem. Aestival was born!

Since the three of them could not technically realise their idea themselves, Andrew came on board. Since then, he has been turning the team's thoughts into codes. The first version of Aestival went online in summer 2019. Just before Corona. Although hardly any events took place, the idea was confirmed in exchange with freelancers and clients.

And right now, after the pandemic, the live market is stormy and nervous as rarely before. High time to provide a bit of security and structure.

With this background, we continue to build a platform for freelancers and clients from the industry. We hope to make your life a little easier and would be happy if you helped us to spread the idea of Aestival.

Meet the team.

Maximiliane Neubert Geschäftsführung Aestival

Maximiliane Neubert

Maxi is one of the two managing directors. After graduating in industrial engineering, she worked for several years in different start-ups. She quickly realised that she wanted to realise her own goals. The desire for independence and self-determination was born. With the idea for Aestival, the right concept was found. With her affinity for data and new work, she keeps the team on track, always focused on the next goal.

Katharina Wortberg Geschäftsführung Aestival

Katharina Wortberg

Since 2013 Katharina has been working in concert and tour production as well as booking and management of concert venues. In parallel, she works as a freelance tour manager for bands and as a production manager, stage manager and artist host for festivals. This broad spectrum of professional experience gives her an insight into the needs of clients - but also shows her the problems freelancers face in the industry.

Patrick Wolfram Operations Aestival

Patrick Wolfram

Patrick takes care of all things related to our clients and freelancers at Aestival. He manages the user experience, as well as the operational processes in the background. Self-employment and entrepreneurship fascinated him early on. That's why he studied business administration and then worked in several Berlin start-ups, where he gained experience. With Aestival, he now wants to use this knowledge and help support the event industry as a founder himself.

Andrew Erlanger Software Aestival

Andrew Erlanger

Andrew's background is in media and psychology, but he has recently moved into software development. After co-founding the successful football charity Common Goal in 2017, he wants to try his hand at entrepreneurship again and develop Aestival as a useful and beautiful platform for freelancers in the music industry.